Health and social care systems, collaboration

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Chair: Anil Patil, Carers Worldwide

Empowering youth professionals to support young carers – the experiences of the European EPYC project, Benjamin Salzmann, Diakonisches Werk Berlin Stadtmitte e.V. Project "Pflege in Not", Germany (172)

Together we are strong: JMZ PRO, network for professionals in young carers services, Jonker Els, JMZ PRO (network for professionals in young carers services) and the Dutch Association for Youth Health Care, Netherlands (160)

Making a Step Change: Putting it into Practice 'A partnership project managed by Carers Trust and The Children's Society UK', Harper Michelle, Action for Carers, Surrey Young Carers, UK

Immigrant children of mentally ill parents: The need for partnership between mental health services and religious leaders. Mekonen Leoul. Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Eastern and Southern Region Noway (RBUP Øst og Sør). Norway (209)

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