Symposium: Raising awareness about young carers - among general public, professionals and policy makers

“The National Alliance for Young Carers in The Netherlands”, Gwen van Roekel, Jonge Mantelzorg Professionals, The Netherlands


Caring as an art? Young Carers, Artwork and Collaboration”, Valerie Gant, University of Chester, UK Raven, young carer Fiona Jenkins, Warrington Young Carers centre


“Sleeping With a Mosquito: From Being a Daughter of Two Parents Suffering from Mental ill-Health To Becoming An Active Change Agent To End Stigma”, Stefania Buoni, Children of mentally ill parents, Italy


“How being a former young carer is making me a better social worker”, Aiden Quinn, Gloucestershire young carers, Former young carer, England , United Kingdom


Ask young - and ask again! Outi Arvola, south west finland - Finfami– association of families of people with mental illness, Finland


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