International Young Carers Conference 2024


4th International Young Carers Conference

The 4th International Young Carers Conference will take place on the 9-11 April 2024 at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

The 4th International Young Carers Conference will focus on Inclusion, Empowerment, Support and Impact 

The conference is being hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University in collaboration with EurocarersCarers TrustLinneaus University and MY TIME Young Carers

This Conference is open to all researchers, civil society organisations, practitioners, decision makers, service providers and policy makers interested to learn about and hear from young carers themselves.

Naturally, young carers or former young carers are warmly invited to participate in the conference and share their experiences, should they wish to do so.

By means of exchanging experiences and learning from each other, participants can expect to leave the conference with practical ideas on how to identify, support and engage with young carers back at home.

We all have a role to play to enable young carers to pursue their goals in life and reach their full potential!

Proposals are now being sought for presentation at the 4th International Young Carers Conference, “Young Carers’ Fair Futures”. 

About the conference

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