Whole family, multi-stakeholder approaches to support young carers

“Finnish service model and tools to support young carers and their families” Kirsi Hokkila, Joensuun seudun omaishoitajat ry/ALISA-project, Finland.



“The importance of a whole family approach in supporting young carers” Benjamin Salzmann, Diakonisches Werk Berlin Stadtmitte, Germany



“Evaluating targeted support for young carers in the UK and what changes for young carers (Part 1)” Daniel Phelps, University of Winchester; Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences, Careum School of Health; UK/Switzerland



“The Family Model – supporting mentally ill parents and their children. Swedish experiences” Maria Afzelius, Dep. of social work, Malmö university, Sweden



Children in families with mental illness – who will support them and how?” Gisela Priebe, Dept. of psychology, Lund university, Sweden

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