Technology advancements for and with young carers

The ME-WE Mobile App - workshop presentation”, Miriam Svensson, Linnaeus University, Department of Health and Caring Sciences, Sweden


A co-created website prototype for supporting young carers in Switzerland”, Hannah Wepf, Careum School of Health, Switzerland Elisa and Lynn, Young Carers, Sarah Rabhi-Sidler, Careum School of Health, Switzerland, Prof. Dr. Agnes Leu, Pro-Rector Research and Programme Director Young Carers Research & Evaluation, Careum School of Health, Switzerland


An intervention of Web-based group psychotherapy for adolescents of parents with chronic or/and life threatening disease”, Kr Harrsen, The Danish National Center for Grief, Denmark


Using My Experiences of Being a Young Carer to Support Other Young Carers”, Mike Raynor, Author / Former Young Carer, United Kingdom

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