Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE): what is it and what do we know about the consequences for development?

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International studies elucidate the broad array of negative consequences of ACE, associated with later psychological as well as somatic health. Findings from Norwegian studies about how parents' ACEs may influence parental mental health and a risk for anomalous parenting behaviour toward their children. Based on a study of children born to mothers with substance abuse problems and the on-going longitudinal population-based LiN-study, Little in Norway. The LiN study investigates mother's and father's transition into parenthood, long-term out-comes of pre- and postnatal proces ses and patterns, as well as mechanisms of transmission of risk and protective factors for child development. Vibeke Moe, Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology, at the University of Oslo, Specialist in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology

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