Symposium: A Growing Global Network

Raising awareness, listening and responding to the needs of Hidden Young Carers across the Commonwealth

  1. Embedding Participation in Practice: How young carers have influenced change in national and local policy and practice in England. A journey of 20 years with young carers voices embedded at every stage. Helen Leadbitter, The Children’s Society, England
  2.  Raising awareness of young carers and the challenges and solutions to developing networks in rural and isolated communities in Australia Madeleine Buchner, Little Dreamers Australia
  3.  Engaging young carers in Kenya in raising the profile and awareness of their needs. Developing a schools programme and the East Africa Young Carers Festival Ernest Mwangi, Young Carers in Kenya and East Africa
  4.  Developing a network for young carers in Canada. Raising the profile of young carers among the public and professionals Jenna Nelson and Chelsea-Anne, Young Carers Program Ontario
  5.  Raising Awareness of Young Carers: a non-stigmatizing approach - Telling the stories of Hidden Young Carers through the ground breaking photographic exhibition Max Alexander, Editorial photographer

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