Strategic work to identify, listen to and support children as next of kin in Sweden

A ten-year national strategic collaboration to support childrenas-next-of-kin in Sweden - What have we done so far? Boustedt Hedvall, M.1 , Johansson, P.2 , Lundström, A.1 , Magnusson, L.2 , & Hanson, E.2 1 National Board of Health and Welfare, Sweden 2 Swedish Family Care Competence Center and Linnaeus University, Sweden


Children-as-next-of-kin and the Covid-19 pandemic. How have they been affected? Johansson, P. 1,2, Sennemark, E.2 , Magnusson, L.1,2 & Hanson, E.1,2 1 Linnaeus University 2 Swedish Family Care Competence Center, Sweden

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