3.2 Themed Seminars

Chair: Kate O'Loughlin, University of Sydney, Australia
Support and Training; Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada: An evidence-based group psychotherapy program for informal dementia caregivers who are concurrently employed in the Canadian workforce
Marie Lilja Jensen, Dane Age, Ældre Sagen, Denmark: The challenge of combining work and care for grown up children of frail elderly people in the Danish welfare state
Ann-Britt Sand, Swedish Family Care Competence Centre and Stockholm University and Els-Marie Anbäcken, Ph.D/senior lecturer, Mälardalens University, Sweden: An international comparative study of Japan and Sweden: different perspectives but similar consequences
Jacquie Eales and Janet Fast, University of Alberta, Canada: At the Intersection of Work and Care: Conversations with Caregivers and Employers

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