Children as Next of kin

More recently in Sweden the needs of children who are "next of kin" has begun to receive serious attention. This concept is not commonly known, but is becoming used more and more. The term "young carers" is not established at all. There are, however, children with excessive burdens of responsibility and care in their families. According to a survey, about seven percent of 15-year-olds have such a responsibility...

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Growing up in families with substance abuse or mental illness

Many children grow up in families with substance abuse or mental illness.
There are often serious consequences for their health, education and employment. This also applies when parents are seriously ill or have died. With support for children and parents, the intergenerational pattern can be broken...

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Carers and caring in Sweden

Carers refer to family, close friends, significant others or neighbours, in short - anyone who provides a variety of emotional and practical help, support or care to people that suffer from a long-term illness or disability. This caring is generally unpaid and carried out on a voluntary basis...

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Carer Support

Currently the 290 municipalities in Sweden offer different types of support. Some types of support are aimed directly at the carer such as psychosocial support, carer support groups, health and well-being activities and education. Some of the services are indirect because they are provided to the cared for person such as day centres and respite care...

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