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Viktor has the courage to ask

Martin's little brother is sick and will die soon.
But no-one is talking about this horrible fact.
Martin is alone in his grief.
But there is one friend, Viktor, who has the courage to ask.
"How are things really," asks Viktor.
"With your brother I mean."
"Fine," says Martin.
Viktor throws a few stones in the water.
"But really.
He is very sick, isn't he?
Someone in my floorball team has a little sister in your brother's class.
She says that your brother is always missing school."
"She should mind her own business.
Of course Andreas is in school."
Viktor goes quiet.
He is pretty brave all the same.
Not many would dare ask Martin about It.
He likes Viktor.
Not because he's particularly smart, but because he has the courage to ask how things really are.
Because he doesn't do what everyone else does and pretends that It is not happening.
As if It would disappear if you don't talk about it.
"When Andreas and I were little, we used to come here in the spring when it was windy.
We would jump on the ice floe close to the beach so that it cracked.
Just before the ice thawed."
"There's maybe four months left.
Now it's December.
One, two, three, four.
"April then," says Viktor.
Martin bends down and picks up a big rock.
He weighs it in his hand before slinging it away.
It crashed down on the ice like a canon ball.
"April must be a terrible month to die," he says.
That's when everything starts."

(Extract from the book:
Mellan vinter och himmel by Elin Bengtsson, published in 2013 by Natur & Kultur)

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