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Responsible for my big brother

Joel and I are very different people.
He likes to lead, while I follow.
He needs to plan, I prefer spontaneity.
He lives in the future and I often think about the past.
But how is it then?
Being Joel's little sister, that is.
I've been asked that all my life.
I wasn't very old when I understood that the person asking was not wondering what it was like to be the person Joel's little sister, but rather the cerebral palsy-sufferer Joel's little sister.
So even though I know that the person asking expects an answer painting me in a victim role, I've always chosen the short answer:
"It's good!
He can be a diva at times when he always picks what music we're listening to.
But I usually get to pick the movies, so it's cool".
But of course it's not always easy.
Even if I try to close my eyes to it, it can't be ignored that my family is not like others.
It never will be.
The hardest part is probably that I have never been the priority.
It's not a conscious choice that someone in the family has made, it just has to be that way, and I get it.
I was born to the world as a little sister, but with the responsibility of a big sister.
I think that I came into this world with an important responsibility.
Something that not everyone could handle, but something that I am confident I will be great at.

/Miriam Ennefors, 18 years old, Joel's little sister
(Extract from the book Du får väl säga som det är, Christina Renlund, ed.)

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