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Show feelings using emojis

Marina seldom wants to come along on trips or do the activities that the school or we in the family or friends like to get involved in.
As a mother I'm afraid of her being lonely, so I try to get her to try new things.
I don't want her to have consider whether she has a pain somewhere in order to have an excuse not to come with us.
One time she put her foot down when I was trying to tell her all the benefits of joining the new class on a paddle tour.
"Mum, I know you're trying to pep me up but you're just stressing me out."
Marina is good at showing what she is feeling and thinking.
We started trying to put words to feelings when she was only small.
One of her first puzzles was Moomin characters that had changeable facial expressions.
Little My could be angry or happy or surprised.
Now we use emojis in texts to each other to show how we feel about certain things.
I can put a super happy face at the end of a sentence saying that the weather is lovely and sunny and that we should take a walk (one of those 'trying to pep her up' situations).
She might answer:
"Yes, it's nice", but end it with a face that has a straight line as a mouth.
I then get the signal that nice weather is not really a fun thing at the moment.
It may also feel demanding.

/Ylva 52 years old, mum to Marina

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