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Looks that bother me

It's hard getting looks from other parents who think that our child is acting out and that we seem negligent by not reprimanding him like they do with their kids.
If I get angry at my child, he picks up my emotional state and the rest of the day can be catastrophic.
I therefore try to distract Oskar.
At the same time, it's really hard when I don't know if his diagnosis is to blame or if it's just "normal" acting out and defiance.
Since it doesn't show outwardly that he needs special treatment, it bothers me to get those looks from adults as well as comments from other kids.
Sometimes I want to write the diagnosis on my child's forehead or just shout, "HE HAS AUTISM, STOP STARING!", when he is screaming or has wet himself.
Of course I don't do that, instead I talk to Oskar later when we establish contact again and are both calm.
Even though it happens often that we get in a bad mood and argue, it's good to get out your frustration.
Sometimes you need a release, just like everyone else.
Then your take another run at it.

/Mum to Oskar, 10 years old

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