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Things change with time

It took at long time for them to investigate and find out what the girl had.
It took time because they ruled out lots of possibilities.
In the back of our minds we understood that it had to be something.
But then when it was put in black and white that it was something, I remember exactly where I was standing when the doctor told us.
And it turned our world upside down.
It was hard for him, Siri's dad – our boy.
He was already thinking so far into the future.
The first thing was "she won't be able to get a driving licence".
I tried to be realistic and told him: "They way you feel now is not how you'll feel in one or two years".
You see these things of course.
But still, this thing with being strong in front of your own child.
You don't want to break down in front of them.
You can do that at home later.
Or when your boy, your big strong boy, is sitting in your home and crying.
That's hard.
But the important thing is to make sure you don't become bitter, to not get stuck in the "why me?" frame of mind.
To be on the watch for that.
You have to try to be a realist and make the best of it, it is time that's important.
Things change with time.
Now you see other good things in life that you didn't see before.
We have become very close and see life through new eyes.
And of course, getting that smile from little Siri.

/Sture, 72 years old, grandad to Siri

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