I want to be like cotton - Nationellt kompetenscentrum anhöriga

I want to be like cotton

There is a sort of cruelty to life in that you have to get burned to learn what is hot, get bruises to learn what to avoid and become hurt emotionally to learn to move on.
It applies to us all, but for you the journey is even harder.
I see you make the journey and it makes me very sad.
If it was up to me I would ignore that adult know-how and the logic in knowing that you have to.
I would instead want to be a protective layer of cotton around you all the time.
Not like a shell, because a shell would stop you from moving freely.
But I would like to be someone you could breath in through your nose and silence the voice in your head.
I would like to walk ahead of you, clear the way for you, and tell those who don't want to invite you to their party that here comes the fantastic Mr. David, the most fun guy you could ever have at your party, who is top of everyone's invite list.
I would like to be in your head and arrange all the letters properly so that you can discover all the wonderful things that can be done when you can read.
I would like to be an emotion that whispers you have what it takes and you are great, that you can feel every time you cry because you don't understand.
I want to be your armour at night when the bad dreams come, to just grab them and throw them out the window and sprinkle you with magic sand that takes you off to sleep once more.
I would tear off all the thorns and make your journey smooth and soft without all these hard edges.
Instead I do what I have learnt. I know that you have to burn yourself a little, you have to learn to handle the hard stuff, you have to deal with people who are unkind.
Grown up, wise.
But I don't want to.
I love you to the moon.

/Grandma Eva

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