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Dare to ask

I feel that maybe I ask too many questions.
What happens now?
Have you been to the doctor?
What did they say?
You are so afraid of in some way stepping on their toes, her parents.
Afraid of nagging them.
Greta has had surgery many times.
And each time I am naturally worried and also want to know.
But what should I do?
I live alone and have no-one to discuss it with. Maybe I ask too many questions, because they never have time of course.
When I ask they don't say much, just that there are a lot of things going on right now.
We have to do this and this and this.
But how do I find out about anything if I don't ask?
I have to know, after all.
So what should I do, I asked myself.
It was really hard in the beginning.
But then I got advice from someone who was the grandad of a disabled child and knew the feeling. He told me to get right to the point with my daughter.
So I steeled myself and asked my daughter straight out.
Do you think I ask too many questions?
Or is it okay if I ask?
And I also told her why I ask questions; that of course I'm worried but that I also want to understand so I can help and be supportive.
Well, it turned out really well.
So now we can be more open and talk more directly with each other.

/Nora, 68 years old, grandma to Greta

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