Themed Plenaries: Promoting health and welfare

Monday 29th May


Chair: Endre Dahlen Bjørnestad, BarnsBeste (Childrens Best interests), a National competence network for children as next of kin/young carers in Norway

Developmental trauma: Regulation as the key concept in a new psychology of trauma, Dag Nordanger, specialist psychologist and researcher at the Regional Centre for Child and Youth Mental Health and Child Welfare (RKBU Vest) and Resource Centre about violence, traumatic stress and suicide prevention (RVTS Vest) in Norway

Young Adult Carers in the United Kingdom and United States: Identity, Choices & Life Paths, Lewis Feylyn, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom (150)

Young Carers and Young Adult Carers Research in Switzerland – first results and practice tool for professionals, Leu Agnes, Frech, Marianne, Careum Research, Research Department Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences Zürich, Switzerland (124)

Young carers in Italy: an overview, Licia Boccaletti – Anziani e non solo soc. coop., Italy.

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