4.1.1 Promoting health and welfare

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Chair: Merike Hansson, Programme Officer, The National Board of Health and Welfare Sweden

Increasing awareness and knowledge of Young Carers in Germany. Lux Katharina and Eggert Simon. Centre for Quality in Care, Berlin, Germany. (207)

Initiating early support for children with a seriously ill parent in a hospital setting. Halling Kehlet Kristine. Videnscenter for Patientstøtte – Center for Patient Experience and Evaluation, Denmark. (139)

A new successful method for detecting child maltreatment based on parental characteristics. Diderich-Lolkes de Beer Hester. Medical Center Haaglanden, Netherlands. (120)

Innovative solutions developed by young carers – cooperation between the non profit and public sectors. Dahlgren Lisa. Maskrosbarn, Sweden. (198)

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