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2.3 Monday 29th May


Chair: Monique Jacques, Finance and admin consultant in Brussels, former young carer and champion of recognition of carers' skills.

Young Adult Carers: Impacts on Education and Health. Sempik Joe & Becker Saul. University of Birmingham, UK. (146)

Well-being at school and absenteeism of young carers. de Roos Simone & de Boer Alice. The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP), The Hague, The Netherlands. (165)

"Because they care": Understanding pathways to classroom concentration problems among HIV-affected children in western Kenya. Skovdal Morten. University of Copenhagen, Denmark. (167)

Young Carers and the Need for Interdisciplinary Cooperation. Kaiser Steffen & Knot-Dickscheit Jana & Huyghen Anne-Marie, Spittel Anna-Maria & C. Schulze Gisela. Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Department for Special Needs Education and Rehabilitation/University of Groningen, Department of Special Needs Education and Child Care, Germany. (112)

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