Themed seminars: Evidence-based support

3.3 Tuesday 30th May


Chair: Pauline Johansson, Deputy Head of Department Linnaeus University & researcher/facilitator Swedish Family Care Competence Centre

A qualitative evaluation of the Austrian´s Youth-Red Cross "Juniorcamp". Prajo Nataša & Nagl-Cupal Martin. University of Vienna, Department of Nursing Science, Austria. (134)

Support for Children as Next of Kin and Systematic Follow up – Group Leaders' and Managers' Perspectives within Non-profit Organizations in Sweden. Johansson Pauline & Carlsund Åsa. Linnaeus University, Swedish Family Care Competence Centre, Sweden/Mid Sweden University, Sweden. (106)

Evaluating the effect of therapy for children, teens and young adults living with a seriously ill parent. Stigaard Tølbøll Marie. The Danish Counseling and Research Center for Grieving Children, Teens and Young Adults (DCRC), Denmark. (138)

Prevention interventions among children to parents with addiction problems, mental illness, what's the impact on children's mental health and protective factors. Jonsson Ann-Cristine, Public Health Agency of Sweden, Department of Knowledge Development, Unit for Mental Health, Children and Youth. (219)

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