Themed Seminars Evidence-based support

4.3 Tuesday 30th May

Chair: Anil Patil, Carers Worldwide


Implementation and systematic follow-up of family-focused care in a neurological department. 3 different methods of support. What works in practice? Åkerlund Kerstin och Meijer Karolina. Karolinska universitetssjukhuset, Neurologiska råd- och stödenheten, Sweden. (211)

Development and testing of a family based support program for young carers and their families in Austria. Nagl-Cupal Martin & Hauprich Julia. University of Vienna, Department of Nursing Science, Austria. (135)

Social services support groups for children as next of kin – methods and goals. Furenbäck Ingela & Johansson Pauline. Linnaeus University and The Swedish Family Care Competence Centre, Sweden. (212)

Knowledge development for evidence-based support to children of parents with dependency disorders – A national, regional and local development program. Eriksson Charli. Örebro University, Sweden. (174)

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