1.3. Evidence-based support

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Chair: Pauline Johansson, Deputy Head of Department Linnaeus University & researcher/facilitator Swedish Family Care Competence Centre

To Implement Systematic Follow Up – Challengers and Experiences from a Case Study. Johansson Pauline & Furenbäck Ingela & Carlsund Åsa, Linnaeus University and The Swedish Family Care Competence Centre, Sweden. (158)

BTI- Better Interdisciplinary Cooperation. A practical inspirational model focused on the child's development and the parents client participation. Bratteteig Inger Lise. Haugesund kommune. Norway. (213)

Parents with ADHD and/or Autism: Consequences for the child and methods for support, a systematic review. Janeslätt Gunnel & Afsaneh Roshanai. Department of Public health and Caring Sciences, Disability and Habilitation, Uppsala University, Sweden. (179)

Towards a monitoring strategy of young carers in Flanders. Bronselaer Joost & Vandezande Veronique. Department of Welfare, public health and family, Flemish government. Belgium. (224)

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