Members of the steering board committee

Ritva GoughRitva Gough - Chairman

Kalmar Regional County Council.

Ritva Gough holds a Ph.D. in Sociology and has previously worked as research and development (R&D) leader, researcher and director of the R&D unit Focus in the county of Kalmar. Ritva´s dissertation, at the University of Tromsö, concerned the issue of "personal assistance" and she has carried out several R&D- and research projects in the field of disability. Some of the main focus areas for these projects were competence development for care managers, support for people with mental illness and people with intellectual limitations and support for families of elderly and disabled. Ritva has previously worked with personnel and user education at the Gothenburg-Cooperative Independent Living, elder care issues at the Worklife Centre and socio-medical therapy work at a rehabilitation clinic for homeless people. Ritva participated in the preparation of the application to run the Swedish Family Care Competence Centre.


Barbro JanssonBarbro Jansson

The Regional Co-ordinators for Family Care Support, Northern Sweden.

Barbro Jansson has worked as a family care adviser for Härnösand municipality at the Carers Centre for the past 15 years. On a regional level she is the county coordinator for Västernorrland´s seven municipalities. Apart from her local and regional commitments she is a member of the Swedish family Care Competence Centre´s steering board committee where she represents county coordinators from the four counties in northern Sweden. However, her role on the committee encompasses being a link between the national network and county coordinators throughout the country. Barbro has been involved in carers support since 1999 when the Swedish government first acknowledged the necessity of carers support in the entire country. A part of this initiative that Barbro was involved in was the project "Anhörig 300" which lasted for three years and contributed to carers support being made a permanent aspect of municipal work, Barbro was then hired as a family care adviser.


Arne SjöbergArne Sjöberg

The Health Region in Kalmar County.

Head of the Geriatric Department in Kalmar and vice-president of the Society of Geriatrics in Sweden.



Birgitta WallerstedtBirgitta Wallerstedt

Linnaeus University, Kalmar.

I'm a registered nurse, district nurse, have a master's degree in nursing with a specialization in palliative care. My PhD thesis with the title Challenges, vulnerability and support in palliative care outside specialist units was finished 2012 at the Department of Health Sciences and Medicine, University of Örebro. I was employed at Linnaeus University 2012 and have worked with teaching at undergraduate, graduate and research level and commissioned education. I am also engaged in education, clinical development and research in the Centre for Collaborative Palliative Care. From 2015 I am also affiliated with a research project about implementing and evaluating the impact of an education model for palliative care in nursing homes in the counties of Kronoberg and Skane, a cooperation between the universities in Lund, Linköping and Linnaeus University.


Eva BorgströmEva Borgström

Ombudsman, FUB - The Swedish National Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability.

Eva Borgström is a social worker with education within management training targeting political science. Since 2002 Eva has been working as an ombudsman at the National Association for children, young people and adults with development disabilities, FUB. Eva Borgström works primarily with lobbying decision-makers to improve the housing situation for people with developmental disabilities, family support and multiple disabilities. Eva was project manager of an FUB project, funded by the Heritage Fund, which addressed need for a national competence center concerning multiple disabilities. The project report titled "For many peoples benefit", was the basis for Nka´s assignment to build a national collation of knowledge aimed at supporting people with multiple disability. Apart from this Eva also has her own personal experience as a mother to a son with developmental disabilities.


Pontus OscarssonPontus Oscarsson

1:st vice chairman, Carers Sweden - Anhörigas Riksförbund.

My name is Pontus Oscarsson and I am vice chairman of Carers Nation Association in Sweden. I am also a father and carer of my 13 year old daughter who has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. All carers have their own experiences and needs but the many similarities unite us. The strength of cooperation is therefore important to ensure awareness and progress around areas that are of importance for carers and their loved ones. The ability to combine work with the role as a carer is of special significance to me and many others in my situation. 


Margareta Lundberg RodinMargareta Lundberg Rodin

FoU Sjuhärad Välfärd R&D Centre.

Margareta Lundberg Rodin is Director of FoU (Research and Developmentcenter) Sjuhärad Välfärd (Welfare) since 2014. She has a Licentiate of Philosophy in Public Administration, Leadership and Organization in Public Organizations at Gothenburg University 2010. She is also Teacher and Researcher at University of Borås since 2007 and current Supervisor of Center of Welfare Studies. During 2007-2013 she was Head of Swedish School of Library and Information Science at University of Borås. Previously she worked as Librarian and Director in Library and Culture in Kungsbacka Municipality, Sweden, 1974-2003. 


Monica ForsbergMonica Forsberg

Regional Co-ordinator for Family Care Support, Norrbotten County.

Monica works as a coordinator for carer support within the county of Norrbotten. As a county coordinator she is a part of a network of employees that work with carer support. The network´s aim is to exchange knowledge, experiences and implement collaborative nationwide activities. Monica is also the head of a unit encompassing short-term care, dementia teams, sight instructors and daily care for people with dementia in Luleå municipality.

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